Ben Bruce - Pursuing the Knightly Arts
Ben Bruce joined the Medieval Swordsman Guild of Kansas City four years ago. During this time, he has studied with modern day experts the field of historic European martial arts. Ben has also experience in judo, boxing, and taekwondo. Ben is part of the duo that produces the “Pursuing the Knightly Arts” YouTube channel. As a scholar he studies surviving period manuscripts. Then slowly and deliberately he works through the physical mechanics of each move until he gets it just right. Some might label his approach as experimental archaeology. Few hobbyists possess such thorough understanding of and passion for their subject matter.
Bruce Rawitch - Medieval Swordsman Guild of Kansas City
Bruce Rawitch has pursued an interest in armored combat for many decades. Equally fascinated with armor, at the age of nineteen Bruce learned from the best armorers at that time in the Kansas City area. As an armored combatant he has participated in HEMA tournaments east of the Rockies in the United States and Canada. Bruce joined the Medieval Swordsman Guild of Kansas City shortly after its founding and has been part of the training team for the last decade, and has had the opportunity to work with many of the modern day experts in the field. Due to his extensive professional experience as an adult educator, Bruce particularly excels at and enjoys working with novices and students with disabilities.

Classes taught: Selected Plays from Gladiatoria
Meg Godbout - Krieg School of Historical Fencing
Meg Godbout began fencing in 2007, studying German longsword from Joachim Meyer’s 1571 Art of Combat. She earned a B.A. in history from the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, with a professional background in corporate research, political messaging, and business development. She has been a teacher and coach since 2013, as well as operating Krieg School of Historical Fencing as the club manager, and hosting and promoting dozens of HEMA events around the world. Focusing her fencing practice on Italian rapier in 2015, Meg currently studies primarily the works of Nicoletto Giganti, Ridolfo Capoferro, and Salvator Fabris, as well as continuing to teach Italian rapier and German longsword at her club.

Classes taught: Hunting the Weak: Dynamic Targeting in Italian Rapier
Tom Karnuta - Blue Wave Martial Arts
Mr. Karnuta has been teaching outdoor educational courses for numerous years. He was a 4 time member of the United States Canoe and Kayak Team and has competed throughout the US and Europe. He has been involved in Historical European Martial Arts for 7 years and studies German, Italian and English styles. Tom is currently a second degree blackbelt and runs Blue Wave Martial Arts in Salida Colorado where his students study Does Pares Escrima and Historical Fencing.

Classes taught: Tune In To Your Learning Style
Reece Nelson - Pursuing the Knightly Arts

Classes taught: Pollaxe
Ben Roberts - Black Falcon School of Arms
Ben Roberts is a founder and head instructor of the Black Falcon School of Arms. He has been studying English historical fencing for more than twenty years, and has taught at conferences across the country. His love of medieval chivalric literature and stories where the hero saves the day with a swordfight led to a peculiar insistence on studying the rarely-treated early English manuscripts at a time when others very sensibly passed them over as frustrating and incomprehensible. He has been paying for that decision ever since.

Classes taught: English Swordplay before Silver and Getting Wylde with the Quarterstaff
Douglas Wagner - Rocky Mountain Swordplay Guild
Douglas Wagner is head instructor at the Rocky Mountain Swordplay Guild in Denver, Colorado, focusing on the tradition of Fiore dei Liberi. A practitioner of historical European martial arts for more than fifteen years, Douglas has offered classes and lectures across the United States and in Germany on topics ranging from dagger and swordplay, to armoured and mounted combat. He is grateful to the Black Falcon School of Arms for bringing this event, with its collegial exchange of blows and ideas, to the Rocky Mountain region.

Classes taught: Better in Armour Than Without: The Basics of Fiore's Dagger and Sword in Armour